Total Group And Google Cloud together develop Solar Mapper


With the expertise of Google Cloud in Database and Artificial Intelligence and Total‘s expertise in Solar Energy, jointly created Solar Mapper, an innovative tool for individuals to accelerate the use of solar panels. It will be released in Europe first and then worldwide.

Solar Mapper will surge the deployment of solar panels on houses’ roofs with the fast and accurate result of Solar Mapper. Individuals across the globe can now estimate the requirement of solar energy potential for their home and plan the number of solar panels deployment for their rooftops. 

New algorithm of Artificial Intelligence used in Solar Mapper provides a better result than existing tools available, with the improvement in: 

  • Quality of extracted data from satellite images
  • The sharpness of the solar potential estimation
  • The relevance of the technology
  • Tools are available on a global level

According to Marie-Noëlle Séméria, Chief Technology Officer, Total, Solar Mapper will accelerate the deployment of solar panels on the houses’ roofs, providing customers the option of affordable and accessible renewable energy instead of conventional energy. 

In just six months, with the collaboration of Total with Google Cloud, they were able to come up with an innovative, sustainable, and attractive offering of Solar Mapper. It was not possible without the support of Google Cloud with its database and artificial intelligence expertise and Total’s experience in Solar Energy. 

Solar Mapper is developed for customers for now. Total is planning to develop an offering for B2B application of Solar Mapper, intended for commercial buildings and industrial installations.

Solar Mapper is a milestone in Total Group’s vision of becoming a world leader in renewable energy production and heads towards net zero emission by 2050.

About Research and Development of Total Group

Total Group is leading an aspiring Research and Development Programme, worth about $1 billion a year. The team has registered more than 200 patents each year. The company investment is directed towards low-carbon (40%) energy mix, digital, environment, safety, new product development, and operational efficiency. The strong R&D team has a network of 4300+ employees in 18 research centers across the globe and various partnerships in leading universities, start-ups, and companies.

About Total

Total is an energy company, mainly in the production and marketing of electricity, natural gas, and fuel. It is active in more than 130 countries with a vision of becoming a leading energy contributor. More than 100,000 employees are currently working with the company and commitment to providing affordable, cleaner, accessible, and safer energy for everyone. 


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