Let’s talk digital: Brand discovery through FB and Instagram


This year’s festival season is here and it will be different from every other year because of the economic change due to the pandemic. In this present scenario, customers are more reliant on online media, and they re-evaluating where to spend their money wisely. At this present time, the challenge for the brands is enormous and interesting.

With the improved adoption of social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram, these are the platforms where Indians find their loved brands, joy, and inspiration. And as per the studies done in 2019, 80% of festive shopping is influenced by Facebook and Instagram.

Industry experts from Facebook, Ogilvy, and GroupM share significant insights about making the brand discovery, understanding evolving consumer media habits, and leveraging creative story-telling on digital. Below are some edited quotes:

About brand discovery and business growth, Sandeep Bhushan  Head of India GMS at Facebook- commented that With the significant change in media consumption, this festive season offers to the marketers for the opportunity to connect with consumers like never before. Consumers are finding brands on social media, and businesses need to focus on solutions that are relevant for the new usual, such as hyper-localization, creating virtual experiences, re-looking at the media-mix to build efficiency, etc

Kunal Jeswani Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy India mentions the new creative strategies which marketers and creative teams need to stimulate brand discovery. He says that the growth of mobile and digital media helps marketers and creative teams to bring new ways of storytelling and also make it more effective that is why they developed a Creative Playbook in partnership with Facebook. To tell better brand stories it is important to engage consumers platforms on which they spend the most time and to build brand experiences. And also he adds that the devices and platforms used by the users are changing and we need to change the way we tell stories.

About the digital storytelling, Prem Narayan adds that most marketers are too involved with the new methods of storytelling on mobile phones. We usually hear regarding the debate between brand building and short-term sales on digital platforms. Some of them think that digital is predominantly for performance marketing.

According to Les Binet & Peter Field’s statement on ” Marketing Effectiveness in the Digital Era”, there should be a healthy mix of about 60:40 between brand building and sales. A large proportion of these platforms is a compound of a brand and what they communicate and also the common challenge for marketers is to tell the story in a short time.


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