Airlines account for huge debt due to Covid


As we all know, once again our nation is witnessing the spike of the third wave of Covid, the omicron surge and one of the most affected among them is the airline industry

The airline industry needs a huge amount of resources and data to recover from the loss the pandemic has caused them. Recently amid the covid cases rising in the states a lot of flights have been canceled and the situation has been the same from the Christmas time.

As the flights get canceled the airlines are increasing the ticket rates to cooperate with them lose but this leads to the fact of more people stepping back from booking a flight and looking for a cheap means of travel

Direct flights are very less in number as the countries, governments, and states require quarantine lists and negative RT-PCR test reports from the places where flights halt. This is one of the headaches people have to overcome now.

Booking a flight with all the means becoming appropriate for the public is not possible and the Airline Industry is also falling apart while making up to meet their economic services and financial debts.

Since the airline industries are choosing to fit in the people with this pandemic, the high-cost rates they put forward are making the people think about it and enabling them to choose a cheap means of travel. 

The bad weather that we experience these days also adds up on to the reasons along with the number of covid cases rising in our nation for the cancellation of the flights. According to the reports 5000 flights were canceled and 12,698 flights were delayed due to the same reason.

The number of cancellations of the flights the Airline Industry experience per day will rise to the count of 4000. This is one of the major factors where the Airline Industry fails to meet up their economic and financial services.

But the Airline Industry cant cut down the salaries of the Pilots, Air hostesses, and co-staffs as they are working hard amid the pandemic following the protocols and risking their lives. The Industry is failing to meet all the financial expenses at one time. 

After the Omicron surge has paved the way to our nation the guidelines and the protocols are more strengthened by the government and the Airline Industry must follow up the same to control the number of cases rising in our nation.

The Domestic, as well as International airports, are only accepting passengers with a fully vaccinated certificate and negative RT-PCR tests and the rates of most of the flights have increased since the government brought out the rule of the occupancy of half the people on the flights. 

The Airline Industry is currently trying to give the best services for the people who are struggling to get home amid covid and at the same time, they are trying to find a solution to meet up their economic and financial state of the Industry.

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