Alcor Releases the Introduction Of BizPulse, an Interactive Dashboard to CIO


Alcor, a leading global cloud solutions provider security, implementation services, and organizational digital transformation by enabling workflows with automation & data analytics. Cloud advisory and cloud technology services are core at Alcor. Cloud advisory services are based on a deep understanding of the enterprise IT landscape and the importance of a stable, secure, and cost-effective cloud architecture.

Recently, Alcor announced the launch of BizPulse, a Real-Time Dashboard with Functional and Transformational Metrics that provide actionable business insights to the CIO. The aim of BizPulse is to track and depict KPIs which need to be monitored effectively for the delivery of the core IT services coupled with KPIs aligned to the IT-driven business value to empower CIOs and IT leaders with real-time analytics and insights.

BizPulse is an extremely scalable product that measures performance, provides real-time data visualization, interactive dashboards, and self-service reporting. This can provide comparative reporting and can track the organization’s investments in digital transformation projects as well as in run & also maintain operations. Its accessibility embedded analytics, extendable architecture, and reasonable pricing plan make BizPulse a preferred solution for CIOs to lead the enterprise with wide digital transformation.

 BizPulse is Alcor’s solution specifically assembled to help CIOs get real-time, easy, consolidated access to the right information about all vital parameters that impact the overall efficiency of an IT organization.

BizPulse emphasizes four key areas to provide complete information to the CIOs.

Financials – For  efficient  technology expenditures and investments

Delivery – For tracking execution and delivery

Business Value – For driving technology investments to overcome  business outcomes

Innovation and Agility – For prioritizing and driving investments to change or transform

CIOs were in a serious decision regarding a common challenge that various organizations across different industry verticals face about the aggregation and normalization of data and how to convert it into meaningful information that can help them make business decisions. The systems in their organizations can produce a large amount of data, but that data tends to reside in point solutions associated with the traditional IT silos.

 Therefore, with BizPulse, the CIO organization can modernize their data into effective, actionable decision making. In addition, the transformational KPIs will help the CIOs with the objectives of providing business value, innovation, and agility to their organization.


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