Amazon Alexa Auto Mode to enhance user experience while driving


Amazon has announced the Alexa application to work as an in-car display. It is effectively designed such that the auto mode on the Alexa app will change your smartphone into a driver-friendly display. Amazon Alexa Auto Mode allows users to improve their driving with its exciting features. The driver can easily navigate, stay connected, and be entertained while driving.

The new feature works friendly on Amazon Echo Auto devices and the latest development has paired with Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay. A menu bar is provided so that users can quickly switch between four screens of Home, Navigation, Communication, and Play. Users can avail of this feature with the help of a smartphone. Ultimately the smartphone is going to serve as a display source. The mode will be comprised of four screens which can be easily navigated with the help of the menu bar. This Auto mode was designed with an idea of making users stay concentrated on driving with the help of Alexa. It will take care of stuff like placing calls to contacts, navigating to saved locations, and playing recent media.

The home screen is the central one and provides single-touch access to various frequent actions. Like one can make a call, play/pause the music with the help of shortcuts. Actions can be initiated either with the help of shortcuts or Voice command. The user can make a voice command to Alexa like “Alexa! Play the music “. The navigation feature helps users to access the pre-stored locations in the Alexa App. Once the location is chosen it will open Google Maps or Apple Maps and start giving directions. At this point, users can switch back to Alexa app from navigation apps by simply giving a voice command. An interesting thing about this feature is that on voice command it will also find places other than stored locations.

Alexa also helps in placing a call, drop-in, or make announcements to your other Alexa devices. Communicate feature takes care of all these actions. The play also keeps users entertained during driving. It presents the most recent playlist of using any Alexa device. Amazon Alexa Auto mode works well on Echo Auto and other supported Alexa auto accessories similar to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Its main objective is to enhance the user experience by enabling them with certain features like playing media, communicating, and navigating. Amazon Alexa Auto Mode will be rolled out in the following weeks to Android and iOS devices in India, the US, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, the UK, and New Zealand.


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