Amazon roll-out AWS Contact Center Intelligence


Recently, Amazon launched the AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) solution. It enables the customer to integrate contact centers with artificial intelligence (AI) in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Partner Network.

CCI has solutions for the three main areas of the contact center workflow, such as self-service, real-time analytics, post-call analytics, and agent assistance is designed in a way to make it easier for companies to implement artificial intelligence to their existing and upcoming systems. Solutions are created using a combination of AWS AI services and are available through Amazon Web Service (AWS Partner Network (APN) partners. AWS Contact Centre Intelligence solution can easily add intelligence to the existing contact center in order to improve service and reduce cost. Amidst COVID-19, some companies are turning AI to bridge the gaps in service, because the majority of the employees are working from home across the globe.

Pretrained AI CCI solutions are available from Genesys, Vonage, and UiPath. Genesys Cloud’s self-service supports the development of chatbots and AI-driven interactive voice response (IVR) to address customer questions. With the help of Lex and Kendra (Amazon services), self-service helps the customer about resetting the password, booking a hotel room as well as industry-related tasks. The solution also provides greater customer experience repurchase odds and long-term loyalty.

Both the CCI Live Call Analytics and Agent Assist solution helps in the development of machine learning capabilities to increase productivity. It points Amazon Transcribe for real-time speech transcription and Amazon Comprehend for analyzing interactions and identifying keywords and phrases in conversation. Post-Call Analytics from Acqueon combines Transcribe with comprehension to analyze contact center conversations.

Amazon said that it will work with the partners to collaborate on the CCI solutions in the products. The launch of CCI by amazon is followed by Contact Lens. With the new service companies can understand and gain insights about trends and compliance of customer conversations, identifying the upcoming themes while conducting a full-text search on call transcripts. A contact lens can be used to find the agent performance in detail with the help of analytics. Benefits of CCI are Increase customer satisfaction, simplify quality management, increase employee satisfaction, and reduce operational costs.


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