Does AI software enhances the manufacturing quality of using 3D printers


Artificial Intelligence nowadays has a greater impact on every sector. In the research field to it is been used widely. With this consideration, the group of US researchers has invented artificial intelligence software for 3D printers. This allows us to assess the quality of parts manufactured in real-time, without any need of using an expensive instrument. They name this software as a “Peregrine” which will help in the advanced manufacturing “digital thread” being developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). It will collect and analyses the data in every step of the manufacturing process, starting from the design of the product till it will get tested.

Thus, as per Vincent Paquit ORNL’s Machine Learning group, said that the software first captures the information then creates a digital “clone” of every part. After this, it sent the raw material data to the operational component. He also added that they will use this data for qualifying the part and for informing it for future builds. By doing this they will reach a new level of manufacturing quality assurance with this automation.

In factories, this “digital thread” supports for future to custom parts by using computer-aided design (CAD). Then that part is corrected by using the self-correcting 3D printers. It will be one of the advanced communication networks, having less time, energy, and material with comparing to the other conventional production. But it should be taken care of in every step of production. This can be used for installing in the necessary applications such as cars, airplanes, and energy facilities as well.

By this software, the major challenges for the additive manufacturing are that as it will focus even the minute corrections like length scales of tens of microns which happens in microseconds said by ORNL’s Luke Scime, principal investigator for “Peregrine”. Meanwhile, any flaw occurs at any of those points then it will be the major challenge to identify the process and qualify the part.

The AI software has been produced in the manufacturing demonstration facility of ORNL, which is under the US Department of the energy facility. They both work closely with the industry to refine every type of modern manufacturing techniques and technology.


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