Ambi Pur launches ‘Open your nose to see’ campaign


Ambi Pur is an air freshener brand which was first established on June 10, 1976, in Spain. They have introduced a new campaign promoting their range of air fresheners. The advertisement takes a fun spin on damp smell and shows how Ambi Pur’s air fresheners help us to make our homes clean and neat.

Ambi Pur is a leading global air care and toilet care products brand with a presence in 80 countries. Procter & Gamble is an American multinational corporation that had announced the acquisition of Ambi Pur in 2010.

The accession of Ambi Pur strengthens P&G’s global leadership in Home Care and specifically Air Care by broadening our reach to serve more consumers in more parts of the world more completely. Ambi Pur is a business of over $300 million in annual sales with a complementary geographic presence particularly in Europe and Asia.

The campaign film by advertising network GREY tackles the common problem of damp smells, which may remain even in the cleanest household during the monsoon season. The smell of wet clothes and wet shoes will remain in the house during this season, which may lead to an unpleasant smell lately leads to some other infectious diseases. Ambi Pur is not only a Fragrance creator they are also making our home and surroundings clean and hygiene.

“People get used to foul-smelling and only little they know when guests come around, they will have to suffer, and in India, there is well known saying for people who don’t pay attention to what’s right in front of them: Aankh khol Ke Dekho. Taking this casual phrase forward, we generated the idea: Aankh kholke Nahi, naak khole Dekho, that means Don’t just open your eyes, open your nose to see”.

With this new campaign, we are trying to take a fun but the very appropriate approach towards ‘invisible smells’ in Indian homes – be it that dreaded monsoon odour from indoor drying of clothes. “When you clean your home you don’t just make it looks clean but also clear away all dust and dirt. Likewise, AmbiPur’s brand objective is to not just hide the odour but to eliminate it, leaving behind a delightfully fresh fragrance.


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