#DeshKaKulhad Independence day campaign of Tata Tea


According to the present COVID situation where most of the corporates are performing their CSR activities seriously, there is a slight decrease in the tea industry which has occurred due to the pandemic lockdown. This has created a major impact to the plantation workers and regional artists because of the production getting shelved. Even in this crisis, Tata Tea Premium has launched a new I-Day campaign that has taken the route of CSR activity which helped the regional artisans who are severely affected by the pandemic. The Vice President Marketing of Tata Consumer Products, Puneet Das said that they have run several campaigns concerning the social issue similar to this is the Desh ki Chai campaign.

Through this campaign, it has changed the preferences of consumers and creates a great impact and gives the result in the real sense form i.e, Desh ki Chai. Last year they have run a campaign in which they have customized the package by capturing the great symbols of pride in each state and its communication. On the occasion of Independence Day, they have launched a special premium collection i.e. “Desh ka Kulhad”. This limited-edition Kulhad shows a rich cultural heritage and the great diversity of the various Indian states which also promotes our Indian artisans. In partnership with Rare planet which is a start-up company that helps in promoting the work of the Artisan communities in India.

These Kulhads handicrafts that will proceed of the sale and it supports generating livelihood for Indian craftspeople. It will create an additional amount when each product gets sold and that collected amount is to be used for the Artisan community. Moreover, they are in collaboration with the start-up of uplifting Artisans families around 2000 across India as it will also generate a positive impact that will support the income generation of the intrinsically connected areas of India. They did this by advertising it in all media by showcasing the #Deshkakulhad collection where people can visit their site and buy products.

They are taking care of all the tastes of people across India for developing the brand state-wise communication which is based on the local/regional level insights. Meanwhile, they are trying to connect the consumers by hyper local media choices. They are using the wide diversity of India which also make us proud of our nation. This initiative helps them to create a brand image as well as do good to the community. As a brand, they always delight their customers by providing offers based on regional taste and preferences. It makes them engage with authentic and relevant communications with the customer. They will keep the same moving forward.


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