Britannia’s “Kyunki Ki Bahut Kuch Hai Karna”campaign launched


Britannia is one of the oldest existing brands in India. Britannia Marie Gold recently launched a special TV campaign on World Entrepreneurship Day, celebrating and welcoming the natural entrepreneur in every homemaker. The campaign’s primary theory is that the lack of trust keeps homemakers off from beginning anything of their own, though they already hold entrepreneurial qualities.

The ad film shows that the homemakers can do more in life  “Kyunki Ki Bahut Kuch Hai Karna”.Most of the homemakers in India do wish to do something and earn money out of it, but they can’t fulfill their dreams because of the lack of support from their family or less confidence in their strength. Britannia is highlights in providing motivation to those women entrepreneurs through this video.

The Vice President of Britannia Mr.Vinay Subramanyam says that “Through this bid, Britannia Marie Gold acknowledges the increasing inner desires of homemakers to do anything with their potential, and is dedicated to being the “everyday fuel” for homemakers. On World Entrepreneurship Day we dedicate this film to Indian homemakers. What easier way to tell homemakers they have already tremendous entrepreneurial resilience, and just a bit of bravery and confidence will make their dreams come alive.”

The company do not just focuses on the marketing of the product through this ad. They also consider the mindsets of the homemakers and they also gives out a good message of doing more in life with the ad. Every woman has her dream, but they just neglect them for their family. So its the family members who have to realize that every homemaker has their dream and should support them by all means possible.

Puneet Kapoor, regional creative officer, Lowe Lintas, says “This film explores those secret dreams in her heart that almost every homemaker in the country harbors. It aims to encourage women to offer an honest effort to realize their dreams also because skill-sets of good home-making are close to the skill-sets required to run their own company”

Britannia company took a very good initiative through this ad film. This will undoubtedly make the customers feel that Britannia is empathetic toward their customers.


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