‘#ChabaateyRahoIndia’ Chaubey Ji Returns with Dabur Red Toothpaste


The latest Dabur Ad campaign has been created by Ogilvy starring actor Manoj Pahwa as the popular  Chaubey Ji. Throughout the ad, Chaubey Ji chews to prepare himself against the pandemic by the toughest foods such as amla, ginger, and raw turmeric but is not troubled by their toughness as he uses Dabur Red Paste. The films are part of the series ‘#ChabaateyRahoIndia’ about tough to chew ‘immunity building foods’ which we eat for immunity boosting.

The Ayurvedic toothpaste Dabur Red Paste has released three films belonging to the ‘#ChabaateyRahoIndia’ sequence, urging people to stay vigilant, resolute, and equipped against the pandemic. The campaign highlights that since the advent of the pandemic, customers have strengthened their focus on developing immunity. Although immune-enhancing foods such as amla, ginger, and haldi are widely eaten in India, they are very difficult to chew and rough on the teeth, as effective as they are in battling diseases.

“The #ChabaateyRahoIndia series is making a comeback this year and our favorite ‘Chaubey Ji’ is here to chabao some items that are necessary to keep healthy for all of us. Although everybody is excited about chewing on haldi, ginger, and amla, we agree they’re hard to bite and one will require healthy teeth to properly chew them. So, keep your teeth solid, to improve your immunity.

Recently, ‘Dabur Immunity Vans’ has been unveiled by Dabur India Limited, a special project aimed at getting its range of Ayurvedic medicines and goods closer to customers. Such specially built vans, part of Dabur’s direct-to-consumer campaign ‘Immunity at your Doorstep,’ have been deployed across 10 cities in India to provide customers exposure to goods that improve immunity at their doorstep.

Harkawal Singh, head of marketing, oral care, Dabur India, said, “We created a platform ‘#ChabaateyRahoIndia’ to engage consumers; to celebrate their love of food, their desire to chew away the barriers and their ability to chew away any challenge and stand tall. In our attempt to interact with people and offer another enjoyable twist to oral health, we are launching Season 2 of the endearing ‘Chaubey Ji’ films in which Manoj Pahwa again helps deliver the message of the company, urging people to concentrate on oral health for optimal safety.”


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