‘Made with Hands, Made with Love’ Campaign from Allen Solly


Allen Solly, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail’s menswear company, has unveiled a new digital campaign celebrating the efforts of their textile employees, who have operated tirelessly despite a crisis at hand.

The ‘Made with Hands, Made with Love’ collection is  Allen Solly’s tribute to the employees’ inherent creativity and unremitting passion.

Every piece has hand-made embroideries, it is one of its kind because it carries the signature of the textile worker who embroidered the item. The campaign film shows Asha, a textile worker at the factory in Allen Solly, and demonstrates how each special item is embroidered.

Allen Solly is a company that has changed Indian officials’ dressing lifestyles. By taking the semi-formal rebellion to the Indian economy, Allen Solly became the modernizer. This targeted the creativity of young people and practitioners alike, allowing them a chance to mark a message about design at work. Over recent years the company has grown exponentially, becoming one of India’s fastest rising companies.

Allen Solly came into the market with an idea of the “Friday Dressing” concept. In colored shirts and Khaki trousers, Allen Solly launched office apparel which became an immediate hit. The company’s latest tagline, “My Planet, My Way” was created to portray the new trend of the brand.

During this pandemic, when the whole world was shut down, some people never give up. The story of such kind of a worker is portrayed in this new campaign of Allen Solly, showing their creativity and undying spirit through their latest Handmade collection.

The promotional video includes Asha, a textile worker at the factory in Allen Solly, and demonstrates how each special item is embroidered. It’s a unique take on shirts for buyers as each piece has hand-made embroideries and love. Each shirt is one of its kind as it carries the signature of the garment worker who hand-sticked the piece with love and care.

The advertisement will be premiered through digital platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and will be sponsored over the coming months by a diverse advertising plan.

The Chief Operating Officer of Allen Solly, Anil S Kumar, said: “For us, this special handmade collection means more than just making a product, it is an expression of our desire to help our community, despite the external circumstances, while at the same time providing a handmade range for our customers with the same love and care.”

Mahesh Gharat, The Chief creative officer, Ogilvy South, said that There has an immense pleasure to realize that the fabric that people wear has somebody’s love ingrained on it. This campaign film was an opportunity to convey the story of endless commitment and genuine enthusiasm. It’s a clear but compelling story of how creativity led Asha and her team to cope with a difficult situation and keep hope alive.


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