Anaplan enlarges Intelligence with PlanIQ for predictive Forecasting


Anaplan is a worldwide cloud-based software company. It provides virtual cloud-based business software planning and offers data for decision making for finance as well as human resource. Anaplanan follows strong planning and modeling engine, predictive analytics, and cloud collaboration on a simple interface for business users.

Anaplan recently announces an intelligence framework that offers groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capability for predictive forecasting and continuous modeling methods. Plan IQ generates the perception that is explainable and predictions which can accelerate the accuracy of plans and make optimistic decision-making. Escorted with PlanIQ, Anaplan customers have flexible access to multiple intelligence techniques such as native predictive capabilities and coherent integrations with third-party ML-based systems, further a new integration with Amazon Forecast –Amazon Web Services (AWS) that employ ML to deliver highly accurate forecasts. This new blend allows business users across finance, supply chain, HR, and sales to deliver exact forecasts.

Anaplan PlanIQ constructs an Anaplan’s effective basement of predictive algorithms, intelligence, and analytics capabilities by joining AI, ML, and nearing data science techniques in the hands of business analysts and operational leaders. Anaplan’s AI technology and native intelligence potentiality, including Predictive Insights, helps internal and third-party data to supply business leaders with the insights needed to expose new opportunities and build strategic growth plans that optimize the long term business insights.

Anaplan PlanIQ makes out with Amazon Forecast is a fully controlled solution that merges Anaplan’s powerful calculation engine with AWS’s market-prime ML and deep learning algorithms to offer quick reliable forecasts without asking any help from expertise from data scientist configure.

Build on the same ML technology used by, Amazon Forecast produces more accurate predictions to Anaplan customers by dragging in data from Anaplan and automatically testing various deep learning algorithms before selecting the model to generate the strongest forecast for a customer’s. Partnership with both provides a powerful combination of advanced intelligence to the business environment.

Anaplan PlanIQ can be used across functional and industry including:

  • Business Unit and Operational Planning: 

Along with Amazon Forecast, finance teams external and internal mentors to create fast and accurate streaming forecasts for revenue, Capex, P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow. Thay can bring these forecasts into Anaplan for extra analysis of variances, scenarios, risks, and opportunities for more strong decision-making.

  • Demand Planning: 

Demand planners can boost forecast accuracy and make grow the top- and bottom-line performance of their organization.

  • B2B Sales Planning: 

With Predictive Insights, sales leaders can purchase AI-encapsulated insights that offer accuracy to predictive buyers that increase sales forecast and revenue growth.

  • Workforce Planning:

Workforce-related costs usually account for the largest share of operating expenses. With Amazon Forecast, HR teams can more exactly forecast workforce demand and expenses based on drivers from industry and third parties.

Alongside PlanIQ, Anaplan customers can secure their business in dynamic plans to built predictive forecasting and strong modeling methods, that accelerate into winning edge.


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