Centerfield Adds Speech Analytics into its Industry-Leading Platform Dugout


Centerfield is a technology-driven marketing and customer acquisition company that is driving millions of sales for residential services, business services, and telecommunication brands. The company has recently announced they are integrating speech analytics into its industry-leading platform, Dugout. Dugout helps the consumer to engage in the market and helping the consumer for purchasing a TV, wireless, landline, home security, and also various other products and services. This Dugout helps to automate end-to-end customer acquisition for millions of shopping experiences every year.

Speech analytics helps Dugout to understand customer interactions and also improves customers’ experience. Extracting this actionable intelligence especially from phone calls has proved to drive higher quality calls and convert more calls from the customers and helps in boosting digital leads. With the help of speech analytics, centerfield was able to drive new insights into their customers by evaluating the phone conversations at a large scale from the beginning and ending and also pipeline these call data into the warehousing infrastructure.

In 2020 centerfield has nearly analyzed 40 million of the minute’s conversation internal test that has been shown that speech analytics is effective in monitoring any agent compliance and also for improving sales skills. Also, the result shows that training from speech analytics has been an increase in call conversions and sales. Santosh Gumidelli who is the director of data warehouse and architecture of centerfield said that speech analytics has helped them to understand customer conversation even on a large scale such as language, emotions, and also sentiments without analyzing or store any financial information.

Also in the past three months, centerfield has reduced almost all certain conversations which are less likely for driving sale by 29 percent almost and also sales training curriculum has also been enhanced because the insights can be derived with speech analytics.

Last year centerfield has also launched a customer intelligence tool known as insight by a scout for getting actionable insight from the first-party digital shopping experiences so that Dugout can get a better pinpoint that the brand’s ideal target, customer, optimize audience targeting, and also acquire customers for getting long term value efficiently.


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