Anil Kapoor and other 90’s stars in the latest CRED campaign


CRED is a members-only community that rewards customers by offering them unique discounts and access to premium products with their early credit card bill payments. To check the credit score with CIBIL, CRIF, and Experian, the app asks for the user’s phone number. Entry is granted to the app if the credit score is 750 or higher, otherwise, the user enters a wait list. The app scans and connects to the credit cards linked to the phone number.

As the official partner of the Indian Premier League 2020, CRED has come on board. As the nation is anticipating the launch of the cricketing display, CRED has begun the journey to make the IPL more rewarding for both players and spectators this year with several events that will enhance the experience for CRED fans. CRED has also unveiled its new campaign, ‘CRED: Not Everyone Gets It’, featuring three ad films starring leading Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor and other celebrities from the 90s expected to begin throughout the event, promising to entertain and propagate the message of CRED.

With the unveiling of the first movie starring Anil Kapoor, the campaign was released on September 19. In his unique, inimitable style that has made him a favorite since the 90s, through generations of fans, from millennials to their parents, the seasoned actor would carry home the message of paying credit card bills on time. Two more films starring other much-loved Bollywood celebrities will be launched during the next month to participate in the celebration to keep up the momentum. The campaign was completely conceptualized by the in-house team and brought to life by Ayappa KM, co-founder of the production firm, Early Man Films.

The campaign will have major internet and television promotions, followed by the second and third videos, with other actors promoting the timely paying of bills by CRED over the next 30 days.

Anand Menon, Executive Producer & Co-Creator, Early Man Film, shared his views: “It was a big challenge for us to turn around this output, keeping the current scenario in mind.” But the fact that we had a chance to use these actors to share the tale of CRED specially and excitingly, made the endeavor worthwhile. We hope that everyone loves these films and that they bring a much-needed smile to the lives of people.


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