Kriti Sanon to be the new brand ambassador for Joy facewash


Skincare brand Joy has announced Bollywood celebrity Kriti Sanon, as its new brand ambassador. Kriti will advertise the brand’s whole new facewash product portfolio. Joy’s present contribution to the facewash products includes fruit-infused face washes, aloe facewash, neem face wash, and neem and turmeric facewash. Further extending its facewash category, the brand additionally as of late dispatched its new activated charcoal face wash.

Talking about this affiliation Sunil Agarwal, Chairman, RSH Global stated, “Joy’s facewash range has been increasing amoung the public. They are right now probably the biggest part in the 2,424-crore facewash market (according to Nielsen – MAT SEPT 19 report). To extend their product portfolio and improve the piece of the overall industry, they have presented activated charcoal face wash by carrying current science to an old cure. The brand likewise wants to invite Kriti Sanon as its new brand ambassador. She has just been the face for our body moisturizers and creams and now the brand is delighted to expand their organization with her with their face wash go too. She is a youthful achiever, confident, energetic and is a helpful figure for Indian ladies. The company is sure that this partnership will be mutually helpful”

Expounding on the item campaign, Poulomi Roy, Chief Marketing Officer, RSH Global stated, “Dealing with our skin is an everyday ritual and it should be basic, bother free and viable and that is the thing that the pith of the ad is. A sprinkle is everything necessary to draw out the regular excellence with our charcoal face wash which draws out profound situated debasements from the pores, completely cleaning the skin and causing you to feel invigorated for the afternoon. It is about the least difficult skincare conceivable without boasting about over the top insignificant advantages”.

Celebrity Kriti Sanon, stated that she is incredibly glad to broaden her relationship with Joy Personal care products. Joy has consistently been known for infusing natural ingredients in their products and their newly launched activated charcoal face wash is something that not many brands have on account of individual consideration items provided for ladies. The ad features the USP of this facewash in an intriguing manner which the purchasers will have the option to identify with.”


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