Animation Network and POGO get Fun to 1 million Kids Schools


In one of India’s biggest at any point school outreach programs, Cartoon Network and POGO will connect quite 1 million youngsters from roughly 1,100 schools across 13 urban communities.

The rollout of the fifteenth release of this famous program starts in the week. The current year’s topics are ‘Be You’ which brings alive Cartoon Network’s new image guarantee ‘Redraw Your World’ and POGO’s ‘Kinship Aur Fun’ which praises fellowship and offers a power-pressed and exciting experience.

The multi-city rollout will make a return to disconnected schools for understudies’ way more critical by drawing a tremendous chance to be nearer to their energized companions!

In each school, the channels will have a 45-minute meeting, with an enormous number of drawing-in exercises including fun and intelligent games, an AV reverberating with the subject of every school contact program (SCP), a visit by mascots in certain schools, support drove exercises, and lots of POGO and Cartoon Network goodie sacks as giveaways.

Uttam Pal Singh, Head of youngsters Cluster, South Asia, Warner Bros. Disclosure, said, “We are returning to varsities dish India with a far superior to any time in recent memory release of our faculty Contact Program.

The yearly school commitment drive could be a fundamental piece of our fan-first system, offering the youngsters an opportunity to be nearer to their enlivened companions.

We are continuously taking a gander at interfacing with our crowd during a novel manner and also the current year’s subjects of the 2 channels guarantee an unparalleled degree of tomfoolery, rush and knowledge.

Animation Network’s ‘Be You’ SCP is introduced by Alpen Liebe Just Jelly, fuelled by Sharpie and has Colgate and Exo as partner supports and POGO’s ‘Kinship Aur Fun’ SCP is controlled by Weikfield in relationship with Kellogg’s Choco, Good Knight Gold Flash and Vicks.

Animation Network’s strong ‘Be You’ve themed program will urge and invigorate children to embrace their independence and extraordinary abilities alongside new and drawing storylines and shows like ‘Ben 10’, a Japanese anime show with activity pressed experiences of Goku and his companions ‘Winged serpent Ball Super’, Teen Titans Go!, ‘The Tom and Jerry Show, and therefore the gooey expert of camouflage ‘Lamput’.

POGO’s famous characters Bheem and Chutki from ‘Chhota Bheema’, Tito from the 2D enlivened parody ‘Titoo – Har Jawab Ka Sawal Hoon’, local hero Ekans from ‘Ekans – Snakes Awake!’ and therefore the carefree trickster Simmba from ‘Crushing Simmba’ will commend the delight and important bonds under the subject ‘Fellowship Aur Fun’.

Over the subsequent few weeks, the SCP is going to be held in Mumbai, New, Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Surat.

Animation Network, POGO send-off outreach programs in 1,100 schools across 13 urban areas.

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