AnyMind enhances AnyManager for mobile & web publishers


AnyMind Group, a brand enablement platform that offers technology and solutions for publishers, advertisers, business owners, and influencers, has launched a suite of features on its publisher platform, AnyManager, to assist smartphone and web publishers in capitalizing on the continued growth of mobile use.

The features are aimed at assisting web publishers in leveraging progressive web applications infrastructure, as well as native mobile app publishers in gaining more insights from their app store data, and are intended to provide greater usability and insight into user acquisition and monetization for both groups of publishers.

AnyMind Group’s AnyManager platform, which was originally designed for web publishers, has recently extended its functionality to include native mobile app publishers. AnyMind Group’s Managing Director of Publisher Development, Hitoshi Maruyama, explained that in a mobile-first region like Asia, and in some regions that are mobile-only, publishers must be able to expand even further by completely optimizing their potential audience while staying up to date and capitalizing on the latest technologies.

He also stated that they are seeing, and in reality, enabling, more fluidity among mobile app and web publishers in terms of expanding opportunities by leveraging social media platforms and e-commerce, thereby enhancing opportunities for borderless growth.

AnyManager also has features for progressive web applications (PWA) that web-based publishers can use to further tap into the world’s mobile-connected population. Publishers can also boost user experience by using PWAs to speed up site load times and create a push notification system to notify users of the newly published content.

In recent years, it has become increasingly critical for publishers to devise strategies and put in place measures to appeal to a variety of consumer segments to provide more relevant content to a user. Publishers can also use customizable Add-to-Home screen prompts and formats to quickly prompt site visitors to add a site as a PWA on their mobile devices.

AnySDK, a software development kit (SDK) for ad monetization that enables the distribution and mediation of ad requests from major mobile network partners via a single SDK, is also available to native mobile app publishers.

Natural language processing-driven features such as sentiment rating and review of user feedback, as well as recognition of keywords and phrases based on app store rating, can also help native mobile app publishers gain a better understanding of their users’ opinions of their applications. These aid publishers in better comprehending and highlighting future app problems, enhancements, and updates.

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