Apollo cancer Center’s “Winning Over Cancer” campaign launched


On World Cancer Day, Apollo Cancer Centres, India’s finest private cancer hospital*, launches the “Winning Over Cancer” campaign to increase awareness about various types of cancer and how early identification can lead to improved treatment outcomes.

Apollo Cancer Centres, driven by the desire to bring cancer conversations to the forefront, has launched an engaging campaign that encourages people to get checked and thoroughly examine themselves in order to be aware of cancers and strive to prevent them.

According to the IHME report, the Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on cancer care, with cutbacks in cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment being the biggest barriers.

Apollo Cancer Centres has started the “Winning Over Cancer” campaign to encourage the general public to seek cancer screenings.It emphasizes the significance of early detection and regular screenings in the fight against cancer.

The goal is to increase awareness about various forms of malignancies and to encourage influencers and the general public to support the cause of earl” By our aim to create awareness about malignancies and offer world-class cancer treatments, this World Cancer Day, we encourage everyone to get screened,” stated Ms. Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals.

According to our specialists, detecting cancer at an early stage increases the odds of survival when combined with the best-in-class treatments.

Our team of oncologists has stood by our patients, providing the greatest care, and “Apollo has been a pioneer when it comes to cancer care,” Dr. Dinesh Madhavan, President Group Oncology and International Apollo Hospital Enterprises Ltd, stated during the event.

With the beginning of the Cancer Awareness Campaign, we hope to raise public awareness of cancer, preventative measures to take, and educate the public on how to live a healthy lifestyle, self-examine, and screen for early diagnosis so that cancer can be treated successfully and efficiently.

Our oncologists provide world-class cancer care through an organ-based approach under the supervision of skilled Cancer Management Teams.

The Apollo Cancer Centers’ Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) method of discussing each case with the help of professionals puts them in the forefront of the cancer fight in the country” commitment possible” y detection.

Apollo Cancer Centres organized various initiatives nationwide with doctors and paramedic staff aimed at addressing the pressing need for the right knowledge, early diagnosis, and holistic treatment in cancer care, in line with the mission to spread awareness about cancer and regular screening for early detection.

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