AppDynamics develop SAP Peak to enhance business intelligence


World’s #1 APM solution, AppDynamics which is also a part of Cisco announced SAP Peak. Technologists are provided with a new and comprehensive set of monitoring tools by SAP Peak. It connects the most critical components of SAP landscapes with a real-time business context.

Deep visibility into the SAP environments and how they are driving business performance can be understood by the enterprises with the help of SAP Peak.  To keep business operations running seamlessly, the digital business helps every business by relying on a variety of applications, technologies, and platforms. The digital business ensures the delivery of flawless digital user experiences. The two critical solutions among these include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business intelligence tools.

SAP is the most widely adopted ERP provider by the global enterprises and with 77 percent of all worldwide business transactions touching an SAP landscape in some form. It is crucial to monitor this increasingly complex environment when SAP workloads are shifted to S/4 HANA and public clouds by enterprise organizations. Technologists have struggled to identify performance issues across their SAP landscapes due to the limitations with SAP.

To identify performance issues across SAP landscapes and the applications they connect, have been a struggle for the technologists. Due to the issues with core transactions and lengthy mean-time-to-resolution, a loss in productivity and revenue happens which negatively impacts the customer and employee digital experience.

The technologists can utilize the world’s leading application and business performance monitoring tools with the help of AppDynamics SAP Peak. It also enables the technologists to monitor the SAP landscape in real-time which includes logs, background jobs, metadata, application server, and the S/4HANA database. Business-critical insights can be gathered to ensure the smooth running of the operations.

Across SAP and non-SAP components, there is a full stack of observability before, during, and after migration. While moving the workloads to S/4HANA or the cloud, organizations can mitigate risk and deal with it confidently.

According to Vipul Shah, Chief Product Officer, AppDynamics, AppDynamics SAP Peak gives enterprises a single source of truth about their SAP landscapes. SAP Peak provides a real-time business context to prevent and resolve problems that can affect overall business outcomes. 

New and advanced functions of SAP Peak include Business iQ for Business Scenario Transaction Analytics, ABAP Code-Level Visibility, Deep SAP Performance Insights, Server, and Network Visibility.


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