Apple IPL ads encourage people to splurge on iPhone


The mobile’s trendy shots, the white backgrounds, the signature music are all absent from the latest advertisement for Apple by Leo Burnett. Focusing on the most popular ways Indians use the iPhone, the advertisements are refreshingly Indian.

A mother surrounded by her noisy family is seen in the first ad as she unboxes her first iPhone. The ad reveals the most typical ways in which her family members could ruin her new phone, soaked in flour while frying, damp, drenched in water while watering plants or just messing around as a clumsy child.

If the mobile is powerful enough, the narrator asks, as the woman deliberately beams at the camera-the iPhone 11 can theoretically handle it all.

In the second commercial, amid the dimly lit atmosphere, we see a man take out his phone to ask if the camera is good enough to take a decent image of his date. On his iPhone 11, he changes to night mode to prove the narrator wrong

And then we see a young man in the final ad who has just purchased an iPhone. For multiple causes, he has to contend with his various family members who have their eyes on the phone.

The iPhone SE has always been advertised in an economical way, also a more accessible phone by Apple. It’s reasonable that the youngest user of the three advertisements is mentioned in this commercial.

Leo Burnett, Chief Design Officer-South Asia, Managing Director-India, Rajdeepak Das, says that purchasing an iPhone is a milestone investment for many individuals. “But the funny part is that there are many obstacles including cost, reliability along with the iPhone-what if it breaks, or the phone gets damaged; putting a dampener on many purchasing choices,” he says.

The purpose of this campaign, according to Das, was to break down those obstacles, one by one. “We decided to fix all the issues step by step-from the ability to snap photos using its night mode dual camera, to having the toughest glass in a smartphone, along with water resistance and the new finishes that make it a rugged device. We have also tried to stress that aggressive pricing makes the iPhone more available,” he says.

Das also mentions that the campaign tries to reassure the public that there is no longer a reason to settle for good enough.


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