Haldiram focuses our love of sweets with two new advertisements


The festive season of India is all around the corner, the festival season in India that runs from October to the end of the year is seen as the time when customers with their purses would be most liberal. For this era, most brands plan their best marketing strategy and advertisement campaigns.

This year, this three-month period is of great significance. Since the pandemic and its resulting lockdown triggered an already devastated economy from its knees down to the ground, all optimism is put on this time for a strong start to its recovery.

The increased intake of sweets is a striking part of this season and nothing coincides better with festivals than a pedha or laddoo or any candy you enjoy. And before eating it ourselves, we always ensure that we share it with our loved one first.

In Haldiram’s two new ads, this aspect of ‘sharing’ plays the lead. The two commercials are full of relatable moments, created by Lowe Lintas Bangalore, such as the guy who tries to share his box of treats during a train ride to get into the good hands of the girl he’s started to like. Or, how about the two kids who can’t wait to grab the jamun’s hands but have to wait, because first you can share.

In an email conversation, Neeraj Agrawal, director, Haldiram Foods International Ltd, told that while Indians loved sweets, “… the mouth share for traditional sweets is decreasing, particularly with modern customers as they get used to different sweet formats.” We wanted these customers to fall in love with Indian sweets again by demonstrating the indispensability of sweets in their lives.

The director also said that individuals are getting used to the new standard and are trusting brands that offer consistency, grooming and protection. “While our sales were down after the lockdown when the thoughts are now shifting towards the purchasing of packaged goods from the company they trust, we see an uptick in volumes.”

He further added that festivals in India are incomplete without any kind of sweets and we are optimistic that people can make traditional sweets part of their celebrations with the festival season just around the corner.


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