Through #AamchaGharChaRaja campaign Fortune Foods speaks about new standards in festivals


Several things will not be the same this year as you reach the holiday season. The festive mood this year will be very different from what we all have experienced over the years, though with a strong sense of caution in the weather. This time of the year has always been a period of good thinking and we did not only worship gods but also much because of the suggestions of families and friends.

The most famous spots have been the idol of Lord Ganesha, a practice often observed in Maharashtra during the time of the Ganesh Chaturthi. Because that didn’t happen, this same idea was taken by Fortune Foods in each household by # AamchaGharChaRaja, from the known locations.

Even if much is interrupted, brands are now able to use this festive season to re-engage. In reality, some companies have already begun the process of turnaround, hopefully, one of the occasions when markets see customer demand rises. With #AamchaGharChaRaja, which corresponds to ‘King of the home,’ Fortune Foods reciprocates all the energies and sounds of this festival with the Nashik Dhols, taking the entire festival environment to life, while it is celebrated within our limits.

“Although the pandemic in each household has brought new challenges, homemade food has become a hero throughout the world. As we have seen at various festivals during this pandemic, the spirit of the country remained high, and the state of Maharashtra was very fervently celebrated by Ganesh Chaturthi. With our large range of items that are not touched by hand, we at Fortune Foods help customers prepare quality recipes so that they can make different delicacies in the course of the festival without sacrificing their health and safety, “says Sanjay Adesara, Publicity & Policy Health Manager of Adani Wilmar Ltd.

Chef Kirti Bhoutika, and Chef Natasha Gandhi from Master Chef India, are committed to showcasing the true moments of fun when cooking famous festival dishes. It was also created in Marathi and Hindi to bind the audience profoundly and many creators of regional content display # AamchaGharChaRaja.

“Unprecedented problems demand creativity,” said CEO Sandip Maiti, “and that’s what Fortune Foods has given to break through noise during the pandemic. Content production on the floor is a daunting undertaking because the security of our crew and producers of content is top-notch. We were, however, able to extract the true savor of Ghar Kahana this Ganesh Chaturthi with agile production initiatives.

Almost all of the conventional marketing structures have been influenced by the pandemic and consumer engagement. Fortune Foods has rightly won a milestone with its Ganesh Chaturthi campaign. Analysts depending on the festive season to benefit markets, each move forward will have a major influence on how things work.


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