Apps that would help you manage your money


The Internet is the decisive technology of the information age, as the electrical engine was the vector of the technological transformation of the industrial age. The whole world is in your pocket. Smartphone plays a vital role which simplifies our daily financial matters. Even if it is visiting a bank or applying for a loan or making an insurance claim, mobile phones and various apps make human life easier.

Here are some of the mobile apps for managing finance:

  1. Good budget (Budget App): Nowadays, people, are people are too lazy in managing their expenses and budget. A good budget is a recent app developed to track the expense and maintaining the budget. This app is available on both Android and iOS platforms which helps to prevent the user from emotional spending. 
  2. Bank bazaar: This app helps the user overboard with spending and applying for loans and credit cards instantly. The app will let you compare and apply for loans and credit cards instantly. So that the user can compare the interest rates on the home loan, personal loan to get the best deal. It also helps to access gold silver rates in different cities in the country.
  3. ET Money (Investment app): ET money app is all in one mobile app to manage expenses and investment. This helps you to invest in mutual funds and for loan applications.
  4. Tax Apps: Once Albert Einstein said that if something is difficult in the world it is the income tax. But with apps like Think Tax, MyTaxIndia, Clear Tax, etc. it is quite easy to manage tax. With the ThinkTaxapp we can easily calculate tax based on your income or create an account in simple steps to get detailed calculations. MyTax India app rapidly calculates your tax, tax splits and so that we can decide how much more investment is required to save a given amount of your income. Clear Tax app is available on android and it is the best app to keep your tax returns. We can check the income tax refund status with our PAN number and date of birth.


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