AR Contact Lenses – read your notifications with closed eyes


The Technology around us is getting updated day by day. A day without our smartphone or PC is unimaginable. Augmented Reality is something that is added to garnish the most updated tech products. AR is generally used in smart glasses and has enhanced gaming, education as well as the entertainment sector. The tech world has now updated with their innovative AR contact lenses which are powered wireless.

These innovative AR lenses are created by Mojo Vision, a California-based start-up. The lens houses 14K pixels-per-inch microdisplays, image sensors, motion sensors, and wireless radios into contact lenses that perfectly fit into your eyes.

Science-fiction movies had already foreseen the future. Mojo Vision calls its new contact lens technology invisible computing. The lens is capable of displaying text messages, navigation routes, presentation points of your meeting, or steps to tell how you can repair machinery right in front of the user’s eye. In short, it isn’t necessary to take your smartphone out of your pocket or look at your smartwatch if a notification beeps, it’s all right in front of your eyes!

Mojo Vision is still prototyping this technology revolution. They’re trying to produce an initial release for people with low vision difficulties making use of enhanced vision overlay. The key influence of AR contact lenses over AR glasses is that you can see it all even with your eyes closed.

The next significant challenge for the company is to receive approval from the health departments. Contact lens come under the category of medical apparatus. Therefore it needs approval from the health and safety departments as well. If brought well, smart lenses would definitely create a revolution in every industry. Rather than using it for a better vision, it can be used by surgeons as they can get a better vision along with the patient’s other information, it can be used in education and defence systems as well.

We will witness a time where Augmented Reality contact lenses will be a consumer product. Look at the development of Artificial Intelligence so far that now it is omnipresent. Unlikely, we will consume a lot of time to make a place in society away from its real-world application for such cutting-edge contact lenses. The coming time is bright and their contact lenses are one of the tech products that will potential it.

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