Discover India: ‘X-Stories of India’, Fujifilm India’s new campaign


Fujifilm India Private Limited, in association with India Film Project, started off the ‘X Stories of India’ campaign. The multi-city digital campaign captures the magnificence of India, by exploring its rich culture, landscapes and true heritage. These unseen stories captured by enthusiastic new-age amateur and professional vloggers will be promoted by Fujifilm India through its social media platforms.

Fujifilm India Private Limited, established in 2007; operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The entire campaign is shot exclusively on Fujifilm’s two recent and innovative mirrorless cameras- the ‘X-T200’ and ‘X-A7’, which capture the crystal-clear, high resolution, cutting-edge images with its 24.2 mega-pixel APS-C sensors.

The ‘X Stories of India’ digital campaign, organized in collaboration with ‘Indian Film Project’, a content-based filmmaking festival, encourages a new series of millennial X Series photographers to showcase their true artistic and creative video-making potential by revealing it before the whole world through their new-fangled content.

The 21st century, which is predominantly dominated by social media, adds up an increasing demand for original digital content. Fujifilm India offers cutting-edge solutions to meet this demand through graphic arts, recording media, photo imaging and other industrial products.

Through the ‘X stories of India’ digital campaign, Fujifilm India works on establishing a solid platform for the largest community of X Series photographers to showcase their creativity and talent. The campaign reinforces the artistic expression and creativity of modern Vloggers and guides them to upgrade their film-making experience.

The campaign celebrates India, in the most iconic way possible, by combining the frames captured by 15 featured filmmakers and content creators. The videographers beautifully portray the various breath-taking Indian cities, using their Fujifilm mirrorless camera. The film encompasses shots from various locations in India, including streets, markets, local people, famous places, local delicacies and, a rich and diverse landscape.

Fujifilm India, working in collaboration with India Film Project, through this campaign aims at reaffirming their brand’s commitment towards supporting amateur X Series photographers. The campaign is also bound to raise the spirit of viewers and make them cherish every moment.

The shots captured by the 15 participants, reveals a quaint view of spectacular places across the country ranging from the mountains of Srinagar to the backwaters of Kerala, the famous beaches of Goa, the royal pink-city of Jaipur, Bollywood capital- Mumbai, coasts of Chennai, lakes of Madhya Pradesh, bazaars of Hyderabad, ghats of Varanasi, and national capital- New Delhi, among many other places.

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