Ariel’s ad features the inspiring story of Kerala’s 1st transgender doctor


Ariel India, the detergent brand from the house of Proctor & Gamble Home Products Private Limited rolled out its latest campaign- #MakeItPossible. The ad film for the campaign features the aspiring journey of Dr VS Priya, Kerala’s first transgender doctor. The #MakeItPossible campaign celebrates the story of true heroes who overcame the odds to redefine the impossible.

Ariel’s latest campaign brings a ray of positivity and hope in these unprecedented times. Through the #MakeItPossible campaign, the brand is breaking stereotypes by taking up the cause of furthering gender equality and inclusivity within Indian households. With their latest ad film, the innovative laundry brand has now come out in support of the LGBTQ community, driven by their belief in inclusivity and equality for all.

Ariel’s #MakeItPossible campaign is conceptualized and jointly produced by Quint Digital Media Limited and Procter & Gamble Home Products Private Limited. The campaign is launched with a strong drive to bring changes in prevalent societal norms and thereby redefine the word “impossible”. The ad film quotes, “It’s only impossible to change the world if you think it is.”

Dr VS Priya is an inspiration to millions of people. The campaign featuring her phenomenal journey is sure to leave you with a smile. Despite being faced with life’s toughest challenges along with the hardships and insecurities of growing up as a man in a woman’s body for almost 30 years, she finally decides to break all barriers by seeking out and embracing her true self to live life on her terms. Furthermore, she adds that the biggest challenge in the transition was not the bullying or mockery from the outside world but from deep within her.

Be it the stereotypes built up around the LGBTQ community labelling them as “attention-seekers” or the obstacles and barriers put by family and society due to their lack of information and unwillingness to accept, a true change need to start with the family accepting their child and gradually the world will also accept them, and that would help the kid to grow up to be a better citizen.

In these tough times, when the whole world is calling front line workers “warriors”, inspiring doctors like Dr VS Priya are a true beacon of hope and deserve to be respected for their courage. For Dr Priya, her dedication to her duty comes first, being a doctor, she continues to treat her patients with complete devotion.

Through the #MakeItPossible campaign, Ariel salutes the spirit and determination of Dr VS Priya and millions of others who continue to battle odds and give it all that is needed to #MakeItPossible.

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