Get Fit with Fittr urges the new ‘Ab Nahi Toh Kab’ campaign


Fittr, World’s largest online fitness and nutrition community, recently launched an entrancing digital campaign- “Ab Nahi Toh Kab”. The 16-day campaign invites people to join Fittr’s 12-week online Transformation Challenge 13. The campaign urges people to stop procrastinating and ‘rise and grind’ for a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

The ad film is conceptualized based on the real struggle one faces as they move through their daily lives, with the wish for a healthier and fitter lifestyle but procrastination serving as their biggest enemy hindering the transformation process. Procrastination is the flip side of the same coin that disrupts the fitness journey.

 The campaign beautifully puts across the importance for individuals to take the baby steps towards a fitter and healthier lifestyle immediately. The campaign uses a mix of simple situations which the audience can easily relate to and through those situations, Fittr urges people to realize the importance of burying procrastination and giving room for trial and that could make all the difference in their transformation journey.

The video for the campaign shows people from different walks of life, who belong to different age groups all struggling with their fitness and health. Everyone has their ideal fitness goal, but procrastination which stole into their lives remains their common enemy deflecting their path on the fitness journey.

The ‘Ab Nahi Toh Kab’ campaign film is designed very tactfully with the key touchpoints highlighting the everyday struggle in our lives. Be it the goal for perfect six-pack abs or a body like your neighbour who also started working out around the same time, you can’t help but feel jealous when it’s working out for others but not for you.

Fittr’s latest 12-week Online Transformation Challenge urges people not to make any more adjustments by unnecessarily trying to fit inside old clothes or adjusting the angle while taking a selfie. Instead, the campaign paves open an opportunity for all the interested fitness enthusiasts to take the first step and join the community by participating in the 13th edition of its transformation challenge.

This time, Fittr has launched the campaign with exciting prizes worth INR 1 crore. Fittr through the previous 12 editions of the challenge has already been able to transform the mental and physical fitness of lakhs of people by helping them to get into a better version of themselves.

Commenting on the ‘Ab Nahi Toh Kab’ campaign, Jitendra Chouksey, Founder & CEO, Fittr, said, “We believe that Transformation Challenge 13 is the perfect reason to get started with our fitness journey and continue the quest for a healthier life.”

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