Artificial Intelligence a useful technology in Investor Relations!


IR (Industry relations) is a strategic management responsibility that is adept for integrating marketing, finance, communication, and securities enabling the most effective communication between the company/organization and financial communities along with other constituencies.

In this earth where technology’s advancement is growing faster than the speed of its rotation, creating many new opportunities in investor relations. The ingenious inventions like data analytics, AI has greatly improved the potential of investor management. For all the IR firms out there, the budding applications of Artificial Intelligence, pre and during corona are tremendously high, as they’ve enabled effective data analysis driving it to higher efficiency. IR profession practitioners nowadays are equipped with a huge inrush of information making them busier than ever.

For the IR professionals, innovation is the most important thing for their core survival so seeking, and embracing big data, AI would do good for them. As previously in the past IR was a function that retorts to market changes/fluctuations, and requirements of investors as and only as they arose. But now the IR industry can prevision the events before they arise thus making communication with the larger investment community easier and much efficient.

Artificial Intelligence in IR:

Investors play an important role in the growth and success of any business or market, and thus every company/organization, to maintain sturdy and transparent relationships with these investors are making IR significant for business across nations. While there may be mixed reviews over their disruptive technology use such as using Artificial Intelligence, they are for sure opening new doors of great opportunities for the IR sector. The sector is now becoming super mobile, where the processes are linked to each other forming a complete whole ecosystem, and also adopting AI and machine learning are remoulding the investor relations space from both and strategic and operational approach.

These technologies are applied to am ample amount of data that are produced every day, giving recommended actions to be taken, delivering interpretations, and empowering the management to take more accurate decisions and implement strategies based on the knowledge that they’d have instead of the assumptions.

The capabilities of machine learning flow like a roaring sea. Soon machine language will give the IR an upper hand by accessing the scripts of conference calls and letting them know if there is any change of tone among the investors on call and many more such advances.

But apart from all the positive advantages, the sector should also be aware of all the negatives it holds and poses on business and to the society. IR sector should be aware of it and be able to fulfil all the ethical framework, risk-avoiding process while using an AI.


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