AI Chatbots to Help Healthcare Providers during the Covid 19 Pandemic


AI standing for Artificial intelligence is an area of computer science where all the machines would work and react like us humans. It includes many impressive features like voice recognition, planning, learning, problem-solving, and many more. 

This year 2020 that has the ring of the word coronavirus to it, has been trying to use the best of the technologies to find out ways to fight against COVID-19, making AI, Big Data, and Machine Learning to the top of the bucket list. Many researchers around the world are now looking into coronavirus chatbots that would use AI to function and they are creating data to feed for them chatbots. The researchers are trying numerous models of AI, on the conversations of the patient and doctor about the virus, intending to make the “significant medical dialogue”.

The main goal of such coronavirus chatbots would be to respond to any questions that the patients might have regarding the coronavirus. The AI models are trained in two languages one to be English and the other to be in Chinese. And the scientists say that the way these chatbots deal with important medical dialogues is promising.

 Now, as the coronavirus is walking around the entire world freely without any vaccine to control or contain it, we are more in need of technology that could help us in this time of crisis. Some hospitals are avoiding redundant visits of doctors to patients to stall the danger of cross-infection disease. And yes! There are telemedical applications and services but they’ve been overpowered by the swamping of patients, as the medical consultations have risen to 50%, according to research by experts. 

To make things a little easier and breathable for the health providers, these automated AI-powered chatbots comes into action. The English data sets in the chatbots have got 603 consultations in them while the Chinese data sets have about 1,088 meetings. The AI models have data sets fed to them from copious online health care forums like iCliniq, Healthcare Magic, Health Tap, and many more. Among the AI models that were trained with huge data sets before the coronavirus data sets were fed into them, the GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) model was having trouble with lucidness, while the BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations Transformer)-GPT model performed well. 

Covid-19 chatbot research is blooming around the world as it would reduce the pressure the health care providers in the front line fighting COVID-19 are facing, by providing human-like services to the patients regarding any corona virus-related queries or assistance, forming a strong line as to why chatbot research should be made even deeper.

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