Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to forecast the wind


Sources of energy are of different types. Energy can be produced from coal, natural gas, sunlight, wind, hydropower, and nuclear fission reaction. The benefits earned from wind energy is less. Wind farms get only less money for the electricity as no one can predict how windy each day is. Thus the amount of electricity depends on the intensity of the wind blowing each day. Electricity produced each day is different and varies with the availability of wind.

The blow of wind is not predictable; wind farms find a lot of difficulties in making electricity as well as a huge amount of profit. The direction of blowing wind differs each day. So the wind farms find difficulty in reserve the place in line to install huge windmills.

Google and Google-owned Artificial Intelligence firm, namely Deep Mind has come with an idea of combining weather data wind power data from 700 Mega Watts of wind energy. They can predict the direction, speed, and power of the wind. This will help them to calculate electricity production and supply and demand. And as a result, it will reduce the operating cost to a greater extend.

The head of the energy market strategy at Google, Michael Terell says that the partnership with the Deep Mind team would help not only in predicting the weather but also in resulting a 20% increase in revenue for wind farms.

The department of energy has improved wind forecasting as the priority in Wind Vision of 2015 report. Collecting data and developing the model will improve the wind forecasting at different temporal scales such as years, months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes. Their major aim is to scrub carbon entirely from its energy portfolio. But the company is not completely carbon-free in every location. So they aim to make a “24*7 carbon-free” process.

The scientist at London based Deep Mind has argued that only Artificial Intelligence can help to increase the market viability of renewables at Google and beyond. Machine Learning approach and Artificial Intelligence will help to strengthen the business and the adoption of carbon-free energy on electric grids worldwide.


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