Artificial Intelligence to simplify the HR processes?


In the present times, no area does not have the involvement of artificial intelligence. Likewise, in human resources, AI is transforming the onboarding process that is when new employees decide to stay engaged or become disengaged.

As per the report titled ‘The changing face of HR’, the organizations are planning to adopt the latest tech for HR. Some of the companies felt that they will not keep up with the tech changes in the coming years. Most of the HR team lag when it comes to the adoption of the technology. It was found that predictive hiring tools showed a recruitment bias against African-American sounding names and female applicants.

According to the report, AI is used by 24% of quizzed companies for talent acquisition and 56% of companies are planning to adopt the tech in the coming years. The AI applications are used in the recruitment and onboarding process rather than just filtering the applications. Ai makes the entire hiring process simpler and provides feedback to make the next process smoother. It can even track the responses of the new hires along with answering their doubts.

Offer letters, contracts, and other vital documents can be generated using natural language processing (NLP). FAQ chatbots help to solve the queries arising from the new entrants and also it upgrades whenever new questions come. Organizational network analysis (ONA) can be used to understand which relationships make the new employees productive and they are introduced to the critical points of contact in their team and the organization. To understand direct and indirect feedback HR professionals can use tools backed up by AI.

There are various tools in AI that can be used to provide speed and accurate information based on a specific job. AI and chatbots can do the onboarding thus reducing the work of the HR teams. Adding elements such as competitive and enjoyable elements makes it easier for human minds to absorb and retain the information with the help of AI providing a customized experience.

The typical routine of many companies is being disturbed by COVID-19 which can start using cognitive automation tools which not only make the hiring process smoother but also limit the face-to-face training time.

AI should be seen as a strategy to make the technology that can take up clerical tasks from the HR team and time can be used to build valuable relationships with the employees. Thus, AI and humans need to work together for an efficient and effective HR team.


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