Asian Paints new ad campaign: Shyne wala paint


Asian Paints is an Indian multinational paint company basically recognized for manufacturing, selling, and distributing paints. But, it is also in the category of home decor, bath fittings, waterproofing, and sanitization.

Asian Paints today serve to not only different sectors but also different consumers as and when the need arises. When the Coronavirus pandemic-induced lockdown raged across India, hygiene and sanitization have been on everybody’s mind. Asian Paints entered the hand sanitizer category in May with Viroprotek.

A new ad campaign for Asian Paints’ Ace Shyne variety of paints, created by Ogilvy, is aimed at India’s middle class, who believe in being seen as ‘doing good in life’, but is very price-conscious. Poor `Chintu’, the ad’s protagonist, has to make up tales to explain why his house’s walls shine so much. It’s because of Ace Shyne that gives superb shine for walls at an affordable price.

The campaign’s launch date is close to Diwali, which signals the start of the country’s festival period that is going on until the year-end. Consumers are more liberal with their wallets at this time than at any other time of the year. But the Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdowns disabled consumer demand and worsened the already weak economy.

“While the pandemic may have taken a charge on the economy, it isn’t always as if everyone will put down their home painting plans. It is a great campaign that demonstrates the value proposition of Ace Shyne emulsion that is meant to look good and there are no issues regarding the timing or the messaging of this advertisement.” Lloyd Mathias, a former marketer at HP, Motorola, and PepsiCo, said.

The pandemic has split the world into haves and have nots, across strata and class. The haves delivered the automobile sector nearly back to where it was. And, with government’s intervention, good monsoon and much less affliction of COVID, “the rural sector, for the first time in many years, is doing better than urban centers. With spendable income at hand, it makes sense to target them. In the 15 seconds campaign, Asian Paints wanted to be focused on a single message and it makes sense.


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