Asian paints new campaign: “Personalized Interior Design Your Way”


Asian paints have launched three ads to illustrate the new offering and its three main features, personalized interior design, safe home designing, and 3D design visualization. An iconic line from the new ad shows that a ‘ghar’ will always cast the first impression about you even before you utter a syllable. It seems the paint’s major has taken the line to its next evolution – a personalized interior design service.

This is the second ad campaign from Asian Paints. The first one was for its Ace Shyne range of paints that were aimed toward the middle class and now the interior design service offering that appears to be aimed more towards a group who may have remained in large part unaffected by the lockdown.

We want to first understand about this group of people in an interview with CRED’S Kunal Shah who revealed that they paid off their credit card bills without assisting any moratorium. We also feel this group of people will understand design sensibilities better and are more likely to redesign their homes than other cohorts.

Most of the people now want their homes to be shine and look good because they are probably going to spend most of the time indoors for the considerable future. As Asian Paints is a trusted brand, consumers have huge confidence, where interior design is a category where not everybody has the happiest experience.

“It has always been seen as a brand that’s more about converting a house right into a beautiful home, where a family can meet the happiness of life and a consumer can voice his/her perspective of what’s a good life. Interior design service is a natural growth and allows the brand to build on its equity and trust which it has received from its paints offerings.” Thomas Xavier, founder of Transformer Purpose Branding said.

It won’t only be the rich or financially self-sufficient people who choose this plan. Today’s middle class is willing to make investments if it will give their family that little bit of extra happiness and because they don’t want to postpone joy for another 30 years.


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