Lifebuoy Laundry Sanitizer: Ab Kapde Saaf Bhi Surakshit Bhi


Lifebuoy is the world’s number one hygiene soap brand, which is sold nearly in 60 countries. They aim to make a difference by creating quality, affordable products, and promoting healthy hygiene habits. Recently Lifebuoy has launched its laundry sanitizer which acts as an anti-germ post-wash liquid which helps to remove invisible germs which ordinary detergent wash may not remove.

When the pandemic started, the demand for different types of sanitizers shot up. In the first face, people needed sanitizers to kill germs on their hands. Then came the need for surface disinfectants to make certain that parcels, door handles, and other usually touched surfaces are rid of germs. To make sure that the fruits and vegetables one eats are germ-free, Marico and ITC introduced produce wash.

The next one to the list of germ-killing arsenal is laundry detergent. Lifebuoy laundry sanitizer act as a weapon to fight against the germs from the clothes that we are using. It was a smart move by Lifebuoy because most of the consumers don’t have much control over what is happening outside, but the best they can do is to disinfect inside their home.

For all these years, consumers were not using any such liquids to disinfect vegetables and fruits. They were using solutions like potassium permanganate to make certain that the vegetables were disinfected, but now main brands like ITC and Marico have added produce washes and people now prefer to use those to get protected from the germs.

The introduction of laundry sanitizers is symptomatic of how a consumer feels they can take additional care of themselves. People nowadays are so conscious of what they’re doing that if they wanted to add one extra step in the laundry process to kills germs, then consumers may consider this option as they are not sure of where the virus will be, how long it will survive on surfaces like fabrics, and so on.

This is a product meant to be used on clothes after washing in a bucket and for those who wash clothes on a machine might be out of the brand’s purview. Even though Lifebuoy as a brand has equity and credibility in the germ-killing space which will help them to reach more consumers especially during this COVID pandemic.


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