Oppo launches ColorOS 11 based on Android 11


Oppo has been one of the 1st Smartphone makers to carry out custom ROM based on Android 11. The ColorOS 11 was introduced through an online press briefing. The business will carry the update out to global customers. The company says the phone comes with Android stock features, and also provides OPPO users with UI configuration.

Within a week of Google’s Android 11 launch, the latest ColorOS 11 roll-out comes in. In their official blog, Google had confirmed that some OEMs would receive the latest Android 11 update and Oppo was one of them.

New Features:

Customisation of the theme: Users can create their Always-On Display, app, and wallpaper, as well as fonts, icons, and ringtones. This new update also upgrades the Dark Mode stock of Android, with three colour schemes and contrast levels.

OPPO Relax 2.0: The latest update allows users to create their white noise mix while providing a vast and dynamic sound selection from cities around the world.

Three-finger Translate: ColorOS 11 comes with Google Lens powered Three-finger Translate. This new feature is co-created by OPPO and Google, the company says. It records and converts text by simply taking a screenshot with a three-finger motion.

Flexdrop: This interface offers a simple and intuitive multitasking solution. At the same time, users can watch video and text which is especially useful for gamers. Customers can also switch and monitor numerous smart home devices via a new System Control panel, without installing new software.

Smart charging: The new Super Power Saving Mode allows users to choose six applications for running in low battery situations to optimise the energy available. Meanwhile, by studying user behaviours, Battery Guard avoids harm from prolonged charging at low power voltages. It smartly stops charging until it exceeds 80 percent at night, before commencing the time the users wake up to get a full charge.

Privacy and Security: ColorOS 11 adds newly added privacy options to stock Android 11. Private System provides a different system where the second edition of apps and data is accessible only via a different fingerprint scan or password.

Oppo contends that this feature of ColorOS is unique to India. Making sure comfort for heavy users, the Low Battery Message feature of ColorOS 11 offers options for sending messages when the mobile battery drops to 15 percent, showing the current position of users to selected contacts. This helps users to update their status when their device is just about to run out of battery. The company claims that this specific safety feature has been developed for post feedback from Indian users and is currently only available on the Indian market.

 The Find X2 Series and Reno3 Series, ColorOS 11 will be released in a batch-by-batch method on the starting. The full release will include 28-plus phone models including the series Find, Reno, F, K and A series.


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