Asian Paints step into standing paper campaign with new title TruStar


Asian Paints has come up with a new campaign to launch their new specialized sanding paper brand “TruStar”. The campaign has been executed by Tonic worldwide, the digital-first creative agency.

Asian Paints an Indian multinational company, founded by, Champaklal Choksey, Chimanlal Choksey, Suryakant Dani, Arvind Vakil has stepped in to start a new campaign to produce sanding paper. Asian Paint is a successful brand in the chemical industry. They are targeting milestones by incorporating new ventures. Asian Paints has come up with a 45-second advertisement to market their new venture.

TruStar is a sanding paper manufacturing company. The ultimate target group for the product is painters and contractors. Asian Paints stepping into their new face in their 78th year of success. Asian Paint has been there in the market for many decades. TruStar can easily gain the goodwill of Asian Paints. Asian Paint is the largest holding company in the painting industry with 54.1%. Asian Paints also hold the famous painting company Berger International.

TruStar has come up advertisement campaign to promote the product. The advertisement has presented the same atmosphere as the Asian Paint advertisement. By watching the advertisement customers get an emotional attachment towards Asian Paints and customers get easily attracted to the product.

The advertisement for TruStar shows the perfection and quality of their product. The 45-second duration advertisement can easily catch up with the customers. They have mentioned Asian paints in the advertisement as well as they have labeled it.

The TruStar campaign launched the advertisement which includes seven videos in Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu, it has been published on Youtube, Facebook and, other online platforms like Whatsapp and Truecaller.

The campaign made their research with ‘Gypsy’, the HI + AI research division of Tonic Worldwide. The TruStar team produced a fine product for their customers. The promotions of TruStar gives clear knowledge about what the company wants to tell to their customers. They come up with different ideas in their promotion videos. 

As Asian Paints is the key player in the paint industry it is very easy for TruStar to become a successful step. TruStar targets the painters and contractors, as Asian Paints are playing in the same market with high customer support it is very easy for TruStar to capture the market.


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