Wild Stone Code Launches Brand New TVC- “Enjoy The Start”


Wild Stone Code is a male grooming-personal care brand from McNROE Consumer Products, specially designed for ultimate elegance and passion. The brand is famous for its long-lasting fragrance which chisels out everyone’s persona whenever you need to take the center stage. CODE On is of different range of Gold, Titanium, Platinum, Chrome, Steel, Copper.

Wild Stone Code has recently launched its brand new TVC with the tagline-“ ‘Enjoy The Start’ for its fragrance – Code”. The latest commercial is a brand extension exercise by Wild Stone for the judicious man.

This creative idea is to capture how a great fragrance transports the user to a surrealistic realm- landscape, a dream world. ‘Enjoy The Start’ symbolizes the ecstatic and euphoric beginning of every usual day gifted by each gust of Wild Stone CODE body perfume, that transports the wearer from the dull, tedious life to a whole new magical realm.

The brand has rolled out the commercial across all possible digital platforms –not only the official social media pages of Code – but also other platforms including television. This ad targets urban youth. The new commercial was launched by Wild Stone Code after a time-lapse of 2 years, capturing how the fragrance of the body perfume lights up a usual tedious day. The ad has already gained over 72 lakh views on YouTube.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign Ankit Daga, head – business development, McNROE Consumers Product, said that Wild Stone Code is the company’s premium gift and had built its set of loyalists. The current communication had been evolved to showcase the mood transformation one experiences while one luxuriates in the fine fragrance. He further says that the brand hopes that the communication helps to build the association of Code with a premium deodorant experience which distinguishes the brand from the rest of the offerings in the market.

Samrat Ghosh, general manager of marketing, said that Code communication had been emerged to build the brand as the best in such offering in the market, appealing to the evolved metrosexual man. He further added that the brand had built on sensorial experience leading to a dreamland kind of teleportation and restaged the brand sign off to enjoy the start to drive product benefits and sensorial.

The ad films were conceptualized and idealized by the global creative agency ‘McCann India’.


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