At Xperience 2022, Genesys increases orchestration


Genesys, the cloud customer experience provider, unveiled innovation at Xperience’22 that helps organisations operationalize empathy for deeper customer connections.

The firm is increasing its orchestration capabilities with customer journey analytics to make enterprises more people-centric. Genesys lets organisations observe end-to-end customer journeys across many channels in real time for dynamic whole experience awareness and management.

Consumers desire convenient, on-their-terms brand engagements. Most customer journeys focus on business procedures, not people. Limited data, organisational silos, and weeks-old metrics have made businesses passive in their experiences. They’ve been along for the trip but have no actual vision or capacity to improve things, leaving consumers feeling unseen and wanting more.

Pointillist® Contact Center Optimization enables enterprises employing Genesys Cloud CXTM and Genesys Multicloud CXTM a new approach to evaluate, monitor, and enhance customer journeys. Genesys’ technology helps organisations access data from any source to better visualise journeys and monitor customer behavior’s influence on results.

Using information about each customer’s present purpose and former experiences, support professionals can better understand people’s objectives and swiftly discover and eliminate impediments in the contact centre and beyond.

Genesys’ solution provides additional insight into consumer behaviours driving digital and voice KPIs. This improves initial contact rate, self-service rate, and cost to serve.

A multinational broadcast and cable provider found that consumers who stopped their mobile service online had a lower Net Promoter Score and greater call-in rates. A closer examination utilising the technology found that users may stop mobile services through the website, resulting in greater call volumes. The firm upgraded self-service for a better digital experience.

The path analysis predicted 10,000 consumers each month could resume their service without asking for help, which would enhance NPS by 7 points and save over $1 million yearly.

Powered by AI, the solution identifies abnormalities, period-over-period variations, and trend deviations as they occur.

When odd operating trends are recognised, organisations are immediately alerted so they may engage with a more prescriptive and scalable solution before the situation worsens, improving customer happiness and contact centre performance.

The company’s purchase of Pointillist last year expanded its journey management capabilities to assist organisations expedite advanced experience orchestration and strengthen its leadership in the Experience as a Service SM market.

Jim Tincher, Heart of the Customer’s founder, CEO, and journey mapper-in-chief, stated, “We’re in an experience economy, and firms that fail to create excellent customer experiences will be left behind.” Today’s CEOs are under pressure to offer intuitive, real-time customer experiences.

“With its new solution, Genesys empowers staff with real-time information to better engage, prioritise, and understand individuals as they browse, purchase, and seek care,” Tincher added.

Olivier Jouve, EVP and GM of Genesys Cloud CX, stated, “Businesses compete on the value they deliver customers and their ability to fulfil their objectives.” By expanding our orchestration expertise with customer journey analytics, we make it simpler to identify and use insights so enterprises can tear down barriers between people and excellent experiences.

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