Atomberg launches “Why not” campaign


Atomberg Technologies introduces the first digital campaign named “Why not”, intending to promote the brand image among customers. The company has launched a new logo to attain more markets and create more awareness of the brand among consumers. The company comes with an image, where it claims to create the challenges into opportunities and also exploring new opportunities by launching inventive products.

The campaign video begins by asking the question of whether staying indoor has increased the electricity bill and states that electricity consumption in a household that 60% of the power is consumed in households to keep the rooms cooler, out of which 21% of the power is consumed by the usage of fans and 39% of power is consumed by the usage of air conditioner and that’s where the company’s role comes.

The company displays their product in the campaign and suggests the consumers switch to a fan that has high air delivery and which consumes less electricity and the video also includes the main features of their product by claiming that it is super efficient for energy saving as it consists of BLDC motor, it saves up to Rs 1500 a year and it has longer blades span to provide better air delivery.

Through this campaign, the company promotes the various advantages of their products and claim that they are beneficial for customers including saving electricity and convenience. the campaign is named after the brand tagline. The campaign is visible on all social media platforms and the company’s website.

The campaign aimed to promote the logo and its brand promise. The company posted about the campaign on Twitter on its official page, the post suggests people switch to the company’s product and includes the campaign film.

Founding member and head of marketing of Atomberg, Arindam Paul Stated that the brand image has to go together with what the company promises. The company states that by launching the campaign just before the festive season will enable them to get more customers, as people buy more fans on such seasons. The company growth has increased in the last few months and is hoping for more growth in the future.


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