Panasonic India launches e-waste disposal campaign


Panasonic India this year celebrates the International e-waste day through an awareness campaign which is named as “Diwali wali safai”. As the festive season is coming closer, the campaign reminds the customer to take the initiative, and be responsible by disposing of the electronic devices which are either damaged or not used anymore for recycling.

The campaign was created to only create the awareness but also to encourage customers to dispose of the e-waste either through free of cost home pick up and helping to find the nearest collection centre.

The company has also created a contest to encourage the customers to dispose of their e-waste and to participate in the contest the customers have to share their image and stories showing them disposing of their e-waste this festive season, which are to be posted on social media.

The campaign film begins with asking customers whether they started their cleaning for Diwali and suggests the customers this year to celebrate Diwali differently that is to be responsible to dispose of their electronic devices which are no longer used or damaged and to become an e-waste warrior and by doing so the participants will get rewarded and it also states a few steps to be followed regarding how to enter the contest and other related details and the company assures that five participants would get a chance to win Panasonic home appliances.

The company states that they are not only focused on earning profit but also want to be socially responsible, so this year for Diwali, this campaign was brought up to encourage people to dispose of e-waste.

Head of corporate affairs and corporate social responsibility of Panasonic India, Ritu Ghosh stated that the new campaign is an extension of the “Harit Umang” program which was aimed to nurture the ecosystem by implementing sustainable practices and creating a sense of responsibility among the people by involving customers and communities. The current campaign wants to promote awareness among all age groups of people to be responsible and make proper disposal of their e-waste by recycling it.

Head of brand and marketing communications of Panasonic India, Shirish Agarwal stated that through this campaign, the company is encouraging people to change and celebrate Diwali greener by disposing of their e-waste.


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