#WakeUpCall campaign by Philips India


Philips India launched a digital campaign #WakeUpCall, aligned with its target of creating awareness on sleep-health. The campaign has been devised to coach people about common sleep disorders like sleep apnea whilst empowering them to take action to enhance their sleep. The campaign features two videos.
The discourse level on sleep disorders continues to be very low. As a consequence, those who suffer from serious sleep disorders such as sleep apnea aren’t aware of the symptoms and thus cannot make the right health decisions for themselves. sleep apnea is a breathing-related sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly gets interrupted or paused for long periods. it is characterized by symptoms like loud snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness, irritability to name some.

It is estimated that 7-9 percent of the Indian adult population suffers from sleep apnea. Additionally, according to Philips Sleep Survey 2020, 47 percent of Indian couples say that they sleep separately at night because of their partner’s loud snoring. Philips India launched its new campaign titled #WakeUpCall to dial-up awareness on the symptoms and treatment of the disorder, thereby giving its profound impact on sufferers’ health and quality of life. The campaign is creating a decent range of awareness among the people so as to view the disorder in a little more significant manner.

WakeUpCall is working as an advocacy outreach that speaks to the user. In a series of two videos, the protagonists share their experience of struggling with sleep disorders. Even though the disorders will normally start with relatively harmless daytime sleepiness and irritability/forgetfulness, things could take a turn for them when it begins to impact their marital life/family’s safety. These pivotal events serve as a #WakeUpCall for the protagonists but timely care and action also help them in getting their lives back on the right track.

For a free consultation regarding sleep disorders, Philips India has also opened a dedicated sleep helpline number (1800 258 7678). This helpline is manned by certified sleep educators who will handhold callers to understand their sleep issues and in making informed decisions about their health, which will be highly effective. The campaign could be seen on Philips’ Social Media channels.


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