Augmented Analytics tools announced by Adverity


Adverity is an intelligent marketing data analytics platform made for data-driven marketers, enabling them to make better decisions and improve performance. Recently, Adverity launched Augmented Analytics tools.

Augmented Analytics is an automated tool to be used by marketers. With the help of machine learning and AI, it can find hidden insights and business intelligence from the available data. It will provide better accuracy in maximizing performance and marketing measurement.

It will help marketers to be agile in the rapidly changing environment, realize brands the value of their data. Augmented Analytics will play a critical role in the new approach of marketing based on data insights.

It enhances performance by providing hidden insights with better accuracy in a shorter period than conventional analytics. The patterns and anomalies gained from Augmented Analytics will help in tapping more opportunities and predict future problems as well.

The tools not only identify problems but also suggests a possible solution for it. E.g., how the campaign budget should be distributed to gain better ROI, better forecast using machine learning on historical data, predict future short term budget based on current spending to optimize the better allocation of funding.

For brands, Augmented Analytics provides a critical competitive edge over others due to greater insights gained by it than from the standard analytics tools and its methods. With accurate and quick insights, marketers can make decisions at a faster rate, allowing them to focus on campaigns, grab growth opportunities and achieve better performance & better ROI without the over- or underspending risk.

For marketing agencies handling the extensive amount of data, Augmented Analytics provides valuable hidden insights at a faster rate for their clients and take actions according to it. The depth and granularity of the insights of Augmented Analytics have been missing with previous standard analytics, with help the agencies to make much more effective strategies for clients. They can also optimize their budget for it and predict more accurate ROI, providing to gain higher value, a better reputation, and better client retention for the agencies.

According to the CEO of Adverity- Mr. Alexander Igelsböck, instead of searching the needle (insights) in the haystack (data), Augmented Analytics collects the needles before it reaches to the haystack. The major advantage of Augmented Analytics is the ability to pull data in any format and from any channel. Due to its working pattern, it can link the conversion of data from diverse attributes tools, which in turn could be used as part of a suggestion engine.

Jordan Baines, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist of Digital Matter believes that the best thing about Augmented Analytics, it that is can see what you do and also what you don’t do.

It can be incorporated in any existing operations and can be made available for anyone to use across the organizations eliminating the need for costly deep analytical capabilities and specialist skills.