Five habits of adaptable marketing: Agile Marketers


Marketing has been modified over the last decade, with technology being a major reason behind the changes. The increase in the amount of available information has benefited both the customers and the companies to stay updated on new buying behaviours. Marketing is mostly based on the behavior of customers and the methods to power consumer action and also customer gratification. Thus the behavior of the customers vary constantly depending on several internal and external factors. In order to market a product or service, the company has to identify what these factors are and then, effectively adapt.

The key ingredients in good market planning involve businesses understanding the customer needs and behaviors, using past information and trends to analyses and predict the future ones, also foreseeing the issues and opportunities in the future. All these were so far used to set budgets and formulate schedules. In this current situation, amidst the pandemic, we are unable to recognize things and predict with confidence. The economic uncertainty has resulted in the rules in business to change. So now the time has arrived to become an agile marketer, developing, different approaches to marketing trends and formulate the way we think about marketing.

In such uncertain times, companies need to understand how they adapt to changes in the marketing scale. Here we have some effective ways or habits of how we can improve our adaptability as a marketer.

Connection with clients:

Marketing is actually all about how well you construct long-lasting relationships with your potential buyers. As we try to create a relationship with a customer, we have to find out about their spending habits, their needs as a client, and their current monetary scenario. Once you get what customers in your audience are on the lookout for, you can adapt to that particular market.

Aim to grow over perfection:

In Marketing, we move forward with each small change we make. Focus on the potentialities of the small changes or decisions rather than on perfection. Remarkable results are noted when the growth is continuous and uninterrupted. In short, don’t let insufficiency ruin our marketing efforts.

Focus micro-marketing campaign and win big:

Small things move faster than bigger ones, simple physics. Same goes in marketing as well if something doesn’t work, give a U-turn and try the smaller ideas. The smaller ideas give faster results. It is sure that at this time, you cannot be planning for large marketing campaigns and it’s better to start experimenting with micro marketing campaigns. Then prepare for future big games.

Minimize waste by reducing uncertainty:

Agile marketing needs to focus primarily on the marketing programs that we can do today and that we know will generate results as they are certain to create real customer value. Halfway ideas should be kept aside and focus should be on concepts that give clear value, thereby reducing uncertainty and rework.

Use optimum conclusion:

In the marketing world, the client is given prime importance and goes a proverb that clients are always right. This could be right or not but such decisions could be risky when making critical marketing decisions. Be aware of our advertising targets and make judgments accordingly with experience.


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