Customer Loyalty During COVID-19 Pandemic: Research Report


The major part of the Indias retail marketing sector is dominated by small scale independent stores like Kiranas. These are small stores offering household and grocery products to the customers and now these stores have ended up being the real hero of the Indian retail market during the coronavirus pandemic.

When the social distancing factor had come up during this lockdown, the basic need for essentials has conflicted. It was the small shops like Kiranas acted the hero and gave the necessary aid to the people who found it difficult to move on during this lockdown.

The research “Winning during disruption: a perspective on Kirana stores”  by marketing agency CPM India, is about the study on how the retailers need to learn about the current scenario and the various measures taken to stay remain in the market. There are situations were customers switch brands and also shops to make the consumables available during this lockdown. So retailers need to take the necessary steps which will help customers during this rigid time.

During this lockdown effect, there was an increase in sales for both Kiranas and independent stores and also an increase in customers which help them to grow more during this time. Many of the retails shops started home delivery services as the customers are fear to get out and purchase. By this door to door services, the retails shops can increase their sales and can attract more customers.

The significant issue now the retailers are facing is the non-availability of goods. This lockdown had made it difficult for suppliers to supply the available goods and mainly the east side of India is affected more by 76%. This will badly affect customer loyalty towards brands and shops which may slowly reduce the number of customers. The COVID-19 pandemic has made retailers know more about technology, that is more retailers started to use technology for placing orders and getting relevant information related to products and advertisements.

Mandeep Singh, Chief Executive Officer, and Managing Director, CPM India, said, “This research shows us how the pre-COVID and the post COVID world are starkly different. I hope ‘Winning During Disruption: A Perspective on Kirana Stores’ will help brands redefine the way they approach not just the end consumer, but also a more technologically aware retailer.”


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