Sailthru Launches New ML-based testing infrastructure


Sailthru announces to invest in building a wide-scale testing infrastructure of testing copy and design assets which drives conversion and engagement. It is build using the advanced technique of Machine Learning, can automatically learn and update rules of testing, providing marketers to make decisions quickly on optimization and derive faster results.

With the vision of creating leading Machine Learning technology that backs prediction and trusted recommendations for customers and acquires new customers while retaining existing loyal customer base through targeted messages and promotion schemes for marketers. It helps retailers to focus on their retained customer base through the festival season and long term effect of the pandemic. Sailthru is looking for future investment websites, email, and mobile apps in owned media for publishers.

Automation and scale of testing increase with Sailthru’s new Machine Learning-based methodology. It will help in increasing the number of testing and effectiveness of testing which in turn improves performance. Sailthru wishes to aid retailers and publishers in synthesizing unique and memorable customer experiences with convenient and effective products and the new testing infrastructure delivers that promise.

In the first stage of updates, Sailthru’s Overlays on-site messaging and acquisition product benefits customers in the following ways: –

  • Customers can create, launch, and optimize tests of on-site messages with Overlays builder. Customers need not have knowledge about coding nor need any developers’ resources for this. It fastens the process of validating and deploying efficacious messaging on their sites.
  • To find the exact mix of copy and design to drive the most effective list growth, one can test up to five samples at the same time.
  • Customers can make tactical changes and strategies in a shorter time to increase the incremental results through testing with the continuous calculation approach of Sailthru. Customers can use real-time analytics to track and measure clicks, views, and conversions.
  • The guesswork of testing is eliminated with Inline Inference calculations, helping marketers to announce a winner with confidence and double-down with an optimized variant.

According to Cody Bunea, VP Product at Sailthru, customers can deploy testing as a continuous state instead of one-off activity with this new testing infrastructure. Now a feedback loop could be implemented to get constant suggestions to improve customer experience with automated testing at scale and real-time feedback.

Sailthru will incorporate new Machine Learning testing infrastructure across channels to expand email and mobile channel testing capabilities in future releases.


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