Augmented and Virtual Reality is the Future of Real Estate?


Advanced digital technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is transforming the way we see, buy, and sell in real estate. Business needs to adapt to continuous customer attraction. 

Substituting physical experiences with the virtual and augmented reality are reshaping traditional real estate. Augmented reality adds digital elements to a live view where Virtual reality imports a total immersion experience that shuts out the physical world. Virtual Reality provides an impressive experience to your potential buyers in real estate by saving both time and money for the preview of the property as it paves the way for visiting the property remotely. VR makes it more convenient for distantly located customers.

Virtual Reality in commercial real estate is now witnessing better growth as it is an effective way to buy and sell properties with a little investment. The excitement of being physically present in a place for your future home and feeling the air and its vibe is priceless. Such a physical visit is very difficult in a world where a virus is spreading and no vaccine found yet.

Real estate companies possessing virtual imagery and 360 virtual reality tours have reported excellent customer interest during the lockdown. The AR and VR can provide a virtual tour to a property. The real estate agent can change the empty walls sparkle with their future grandeur, marble flooring to oak wood, shine lights and replace furniture with a single click on their smartphone. These technologies are a bridge between the client and the seller, making it possible to access instantly from any corner of the world, delivering truly global outreach. The frankest and affordable option is to improve your website with a panoramic tour either based on a360 real footage or drawn carefully from scratch by CG artists. It transforms complicated characters of property acquisition into playing an engaging video game on your smartphone or laptop.

In an uncertain market, it is essential to start taking actions by promoting projects to the right people at the exact moment with the advanced technology that allows them to interact with properties instantly and remotely. Staging future property’s layout virtually resulted in a rise in sales. 97% of prospective buyers will search online before reaching the seller.


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