Artificial Intelligence skills to benefit companies: Microsoft India Report


Recent research by Microsoft India revealed that a combination of deployment of artificial intelligence with skilling initiatives by organizations is generating the most value from AI. The return on AI and skills by the mature AI firms is of more confidence.

Based on a recent global survey conducted by Microsoft, in India and 19 other countries leaders and employees are adopting the AI skills to thrive in the market. The C-suite or senior executives realized the gain in business after the adoption of AI technology. The enterprise employees using their valuable time to learn the AI skills to add value to the organization.

AI implementation can increase the value of the firm. Thus, both senior executives and employees adopting the AI skills to thrive in the market. The AI relevant skills are growing demand which the employees are keen to learn to add more value to the business and them personally. Organization leaders predict that by the next 6-10 years half of the employees will be equipped with AI skills which are one and a half tome more than the present estimations.

According to Dr. Rohini Srivathsa, National Technology Officer of Microsoft India, AI which is at the heart of the digital transformation is being accelerated at an extraordinary pace. This helps businesses to be more agile, resilient, and competitive during the current situation. A combination of AI deployment with skilling initiatives is required to unlock the full potential of AI.

Most of the companies in India are planning to build the AI skills in their workers and most of them have already taken part in the re-skilling program. The companies are benefitted from innovating, solving, and collaborating when the employees are provided programs on AI skills. Among all the companies, employees were highly motivated for re-skilling.

Businesses are successful when there is a combination of skilling and AI deployment and there is a visible increase in the value of the AI leading businesses. Indian AI Intermediate companies are also not far from adopting AI deployment also increasing the skill investment.

To unlock new avenues for growth the companies are looking for ways to expand the employees’ digital capabilities. Most of the workers are planning to complement their internal skilling programs. To promote job satisfaction and a higher level of AI-relevant skills among employees they are provided with financial rewards, promotion, or a combination of both.


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