Asian paints ezyCR8 : Modify your home decor


Asian paints limited one of the best Indian multinational paint company headquartered in Mumbai. The company is involved in the manufacture, selling, and delivery of paints, coatings, home decor goods, bath fittings, and related services. Asian Paints is the largest paint company in India and the sixth-largest in Asia. In the year of 2015, it has a huge market share in the India paint industry with 54.1%. Asian Paints is a Berger International holding firm

Asian paints are now introducing a new product named ezyCR8 that helps the customers to beautify their home décor without the help of any support. After the introduction of Viprotek sanitizers by Asian paints limited the company is now concentrating on these DIY sprays.

People are now staying most of the time in an indoor world so the company has to introduce something new for the market and it should be suitable for the current situation. The DIY spays help out the customer to modify the home décor by cleaning the rust particles, waterproof parts of the house, seal tiles, and beautify the furniture and other surfaces. The company introduces a tutorial video that how the DIY spray works and how it can be used. The tutorial video is showing separate videos for different purposes of modifying the home décor, This will be easier to understand the product and the queries of the customer will be sorted out.

Asian paints limited are concerned about the customer’s safety so they are introduced ezyCR8  because in India painting is the most outsourced job and considering the current COVID situation the customers can’t reach any labors for the work. The peoples can independently modify the home décor as they like and this will help them to save the labor charge and they can work at their own convenient time without any delay. The company is ready to change its strategies because of the current situation and this will help out the company to make their trademark in the market sector, so don’t make delay on your home décor modification grab an ezyCR8 and beautify your home premises.


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