Decoding ‘Mint Nahi Hint Hai’ campaign by Mint ChocON featuring Janhvi Kapoor


Mahak Group has come with a new advertisement campaign ‘Mint Nahi Hint Hai’ featuring Bollywood actress Jhanvi Kapoor as their face of their product Mint ChocOn television advertisement. As per the opinion of SK Jain, who is the CEO and MD of Mahak Group, the market already has a lot of similar candy products. In order to sustain in this competitive market, it is essential to bring up new innovations in the product. They added a minty twist to chocolates, Mint ChocOn is a one-of-a-kind sweet with an exterior shell with mint filled with delicious chocolate.

In the TVC featuring Jhanvi Kapoor, Two couples sitting by a hilltop for their first date and is clueless what to do on their first romantic date. Jhanvi asks the co-actor “So, aur kyaa karte hain first date pe?”  and he replies “Pata nahi… mera bhi toh first-time hai.” That is the moment when the product Mint ChocOn shows its entry. Jhanvi Kapoor gives Mahak Mint ChocOn  to the guy and says “Ye Mint Nahi Hint Hai.” The guy is surprised and He takes the Mint ChocOn and gets a spark while eating it and understands her subtle hint and he leans towards her. Later he asks for one more and they laugh.

Mahak Group thinks someone as vivacious and energetic as Janhvi Kapoor ideally suits as the face of the brand and is an ideal option for a brand ambassador. We ‘re excited to get her on board as the brand’s face. Mint ChocOn is a new idea according to them, with a hint of playfulness and whimsicality. Jhanvi Kapoor is the daughter of Indian film producer Boney Kapoor and the late actress, Sridevi. Jhanvi is currently a very popular young actress in the Bollywood film industry. Jhanvi can take the brand to larger customers.

According to Jhanvi Kapoor, Mint ChocOn is an innovative concept and it will be the favorite of the crowd very soon. She said that Whenever her parents were happy with her sister Khushi and her, parents would spoil them with candies and chocolates. She loves sweets very much and is very happy to associate with Mint ChocOn.


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